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Our mission is to entertain and educate restaurant workers and patrons.

There are many different restaurants and very few standards.  From diner to high end, take out to five star, there is a lot to explore and share.  This restaurant podcast aim is to bring you interesting and relevant content that will teach you about the many aspects of the restaurant business. 

Beware, I do not take myself seriously.  After all, there is another great meal a few hours away.  


Marlon Joseph - The Modern Waiter 


Marlon is the creator of The Modern Waiter Podcast whose goal is to showcase the restaurant service industry.  “I want to show the world that a career in the restaurant business can be a legitimate profession.”  With the help of my producer and co host Danny, we discuss topics relevant to the restaurant service industry. Our episodes are funny and interesting to those who are in the business as well as those who have never worked in a restaurant.  

Before starting a podcast Marlon worked in the service industry since 1996.  Throughout the same time period Marlon has owned several business including a screen printing and embroidery company that services businesses, which he still runs today.  “The service industry offers flexibility and a social component that has been important to me over the years.”  

When he is not working on TheModernWaiterPodcast, Marlon enjoys travel and photography.


Danny Davila- Producer


Danny Davila is the co-host and producer of TheModernWaiterPodcast.  

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