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What is Good Service?

It may seem like an easy question to answer, however this broad topic offers more opportunities to start the discussion than end it.

Lets start at the beginning. There are many different styles and tiers of restaurants. There is no one standard for service excellence. Rather there are some common notes that resonates with everyone as contributors to having an amazing restaurant experience.

Smile. Everyone can agree that a smile or at the least a general aura of pleasantness is a must in the hospitality business. After all it is one of the benchmarks of having a good time. Smiling even though there may be live fire in the back is a must for guests to feel welcomed and at ease.

Eye contact. It may appear over-simplified, however it must not go unsaid. There are many times where interactions feel disingenuous where eyes are scanning during a conversation. Look each individual at the table in the eyes. It also makes them feel like you are taking them seriously.

Be knowledgeable. Know your ingredients, specials, and beverage offerings especially from the bar. Your guests will ultimately have confidence in you especially when asking your advice. Being an effective seller starts with your handle on your offerings.

Be honest. If you don't know, find out. There is no harm in excusing yourself to find the answer to a question you do not know. It may ultimately be harmful if you make stuff up. Allergies and preferences are at stake here, not to mention integrity.

Listen to the podcast for more on this topic...

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Chris Buffalo
Chris Buffalo
Dec 21, 2018

Just listened to the first episode, loved it! It started slow, but then it was flowin great! I must say though, I totally disagree with your percentages on whose responsibility it is for good service at a table. Both of you said at least 60% falls on the guest. I couldn't disagree more. I honestly would completely flip that around and say it's 60/40, if not 70/30, and I would lean towards 70/30 (on the wait staff.)People in general need to be herded, as they are in general sheep. Sheep need a good shepard, and that's what the wait staff is there for. This is not condescending or arrogant. In fact it takes on much more responsibility and overall concern…

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