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Candy Rush

This weeks restaurant podcast is all about the candy. We enlisted the help of the ladies from the Sidework Podcast, Brooke Van Poppelen and Andrea Wallace. We collaborated on a list of over 80 popular candies. The lobbying was fierce, but we whittled down the choices to our top 8 candies. Truly big fun we rank the big 4 candy holidays (8:07). We get into the candy draft (19:20). Who has the best candy bag 1:04:16 This show reveals that our favorite candy snacks end up evoking nostalgia from the deepest childhood memories. Super fun. Check out the Sidework Podcast, hosted by our guests, comedians and champions of restaurant server affairs.

Guests: Brooke Van Poppelen

Andrea Wallace

We are very proud to be a part of the One Star Podcast Network. The one stop shop for restaurant and food podcasts. Featuring Side Work Podcast, Copper and Heat, In Yo Mouth, The Macaroni Zone, Confessions of a Server and yours truly.

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